Tiles’ Production

procesasProduction and Quality guarantee

A selected larch only from Siberian forests is used for the production of tiles. Good cleavability, resistance to must and mature age of wood are the main criterions for sort selections of wood.

The production process itself runs in accordance with old traditions of tile manufacturing – the main work is done by hand, and the mechanic equipment is used as a supporting tool for treatment. Each tile is separately cleaved from balk, conically cut in a certain length and depending of tile sort bevelled. The internal structure of larch wood is not damaged during the production that’s why the tilecerpinis_stogass are long-lived, and after drying they become resistant to water and pervious to air.

All the quality requirements are regulated by the Standard DIN 68119 for production of wooded tiles. Our whole production and the inspection of the tiles deliverable is organized on the base of the standard above.



We produce larch tiles of the dimensions following for the roof and wall covering:

  • Tile length: 16, 21, 25, 30, 40.
  • Tile width: 6-30 cm.
  • Tile thickness: 6-12 mm.

We are also able to produce tiles according to the individual customer orders.